Wedding Cake Toppers
With the boost in appeal of TELEVISION programs, the desire to include the individual touch to the wedding cake has actually now ended up being even more powerful. Investing in a personalized wedding cake is a pricey additional that numerous couples just can not manage.

There is an alternative option which can provide couples that customised touch to their cake without the big expenditure. The response is wedding cake toppers.

Exactly what are toppers?

Toppers are the figures which sit on top of a cake, and normally on a wedding cake, you will certainly discover figures of the bride-to-be and groom. Toppers aren't simply restricted to wedding events nevertheless, lots of individuals will certainly invest in a topper for their birthday, anniversary or other party cake.

Just how much do toppers cost?

Toppers differ in expense from as low as a couple of pounds for pre-made, non-customised toppers, approximately $ 200 for an entirely customised wedding cake topper. For wedding cakes, a lot of cake makers will certainly consist of the topper in the cost they estimate for the general wedding cake, however contact your individual cake maker, it perhaps an additional concealed expense. Some cake makers might not try a topper at all so you will certainly have to outsource this.

Exactly what are toppers made from?

Requirement 'off the rack' cake toppers will normally be made from plastic, however hand crafted cake toppers are normally made from sugar icing or polymer clay as they are simple to mould and develop the customised appearance. The majority of cake topper designers will certainly make use of clay which is non-toxic so there are no health and security problems in positioning the clay straight onto a cake.

Where can I purchase a wedding cake topper?

If you desire a requirement, pre made cake topper, shops such as Hobbycraft will certainly have these on their racks. For the more customised touch, there are numerous online business now specialising in unique toppers, you simply require to select the design which fits you finest!

Whichever path you choose to decrease, there are lots of alternatives available to you. Simply consider exactly what budget plan you have readily available and afterwards choose a designer who can satisfy your requirements.