History Of The Wedding Ring
The history of wedding rings as they are understood today is in fact uncertain. In a post dating from the July 1869 problem of Appleton's Journal of popular Literature, Science, and Art, Edward J. Wood assumes that the contemporary (contemporary as of 1869) usage of wedding rings stems from the practices of ancient Hebrews.

Wedding rings are not particularly pointed out in the Bible, however references do exist that recommend the abovementioned Hebrew practices. The wedding ring initially came into usage in Christian wedding events around 870 A.D

The custom of putting on a wedding ring on the 4th finger of the left hand likewise comes from the ancients.

The idea of the wedding ring is undoubtedly extremely old, the ring was virtually constantly put on by the bride-to-be. Wedding rings for guys were practically unheard of prior to 1940 and enhanced in usage about the time of the Second World War. Today it is more typical than not for bride-to-bes and grooms alike to put on a wedding ring.

Why a wedding ring, as opposed to, state, a wedding bracelet or pendant? Spiritual events generally consist of a reference by the officiating clergyman of the ring's endless circle being agent of both God's best love for mankind and the weding couple's concentrated commitment to one another.

While the accurate origin of the wedding ring is uncertain and lost to history, today we realize the wedding ring as a sign of the unity of marital relationship. The couples these days likewise normally pick their wedding rings together, hence enhancing the individual significance that the fashion jewelry brings for them. In addition, the wedding ring acts as a social sign in today's world, representing to others that this guy or female is "promoted.".